Services at Philadelphia Airport

At Philadelphia Airport passengers can enjoy of a wide variety of services to spare their time while waiting for their flight.




Within PHL Airport food, drink and leisure activities can be found, as well as other basic services and amenities.
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Animal relief areas

At Philadelphia Airport there are seven specially designed Animal relief areas, also called Pet Ports, in every terminal. On the other hand, there can be found animal relief areas outside the airport facilities.
See the locations below:


- Terminal A West: Close to gate A16.
- Terminal A East: Close to the bus stop at Gate A1.
- Terminal B: Near B side of A-B walkway.
- Terminal C: Close to C side of C-D walkway.
- Terminal D: Near D side of C-D walkway, and between D3 and D5.
- Terminal E: Gate E1.
- Terminal F: Beyond security checkpoint.




Within all seven airport terminals, passengers may find ATMs and currency exchange services (only in international facilities).



Charging stations

Throughout the airside of all terminals, there are charging stations. You’ll easily identify them by the Power UP and PHL branding.
Please note that Delta Air Lines in Terminal D, Southwest Airlines in Terminal E and JetBlue in Terminal E also provide charging station in their gate areas.
Also free Wi-Fi is available in all airport terminals.



Lost & found

The Lost & Found centre in PHL Airport is located in the Communication Center, where there are stored items found in the terminals, concessions and restrooms.

It is located between Terminals C and D.

Service hours: From 08:00 am to 00:00 am.


Contact: +1 215-937-6888 |

For items left at the TSA checkpoint, please contact:

Service hours: Sunday to Saturday, from 10:00 am to 02:00 pm.



Mothers’ nursing stations

PHL Airport provides designated locations for breastfeeding mothers.

Mamava suite can be found in Terminal A West post-security, at the B/C Connection and at Terminal F. They are free of charge.

On the other hand, Minute Sites provides private rooms for both breastfeed or pump milk. Find them at the secure-side walkway between Terminal A East and Terminal B. They are free of charge for the first 30 minutes.

For more information, please contact: +1 215-937-1076.



Liberty USO

The Liberty USO is open 24/7 to all current and veteran members of US Military and their families.

Location: Terminal E, secure side.

For further information, please contact: +1 215-365-8010.



Airport lounges

Philadelphia Airport has at their passengers’ disposal a wide selection of lounges to accommodate and enjoy their experience at PHL.


Terminal A:

Terminal A East:

- British Airways Galleries Lounge: Location: Terminal A East, Gate A14.

- American Admirals Club: Location: Terminal A East, Gate A6.


Terminal A West:

- American Admirals Club: Location: Terminal A West, Gate A15.

- The Centurion Lounge: Location: Terminal A West, Gate A14.


Terminal B & C:

- Philadelphia Airport Marriott Hotel: Location: Terminal B.

- American Admirals Club: Location: Terminal B & C connector, 3rd level.


Terminal D:

- Quiet room: Location: Terminal D and E connector.

- Delta Sky Club: Location: Terminal D and E connector.

- United Club: Location: Terminal D.


Terminal F:

- American Admirals Club: Location: Terminal F, Mezzanine.

- American Admirals Club: Location: Terminal F, Mezzanine.


Art exhibitions

PHL Airport has a unique cultural experience which consists in an exhibition program to provide visibility to Philadelphia’s cultural life and also to amuse the passengers’ experience by art.


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