Philadelphia Airport Terminals

Philadelphia Airport has 7 terminal buildings, divided in 7 concourses.

The airport consists of 124 boarding gates.


Inter-terminal transportation

All terminals are connected through an airside and is planned to built a people mover in 2022 as part of the airport expansion project.



Terminals at PHL Airport

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Terminal A

Terminal A at Philadelphia Airport is split into Terminal A East and Terminal A West. They are connected through the ticketing level.


Terminal A West

Terminal A West opened in 2003 and has 13 boarding gates (from A14 to A26).

It is home of American Airlines and it also hosts domestic and international flights operated for other carriers.

International arrivals are located at the Arrivals level.

Please note that Terminal A west serves all international flights excepting the flights with US Preclearance facilities, and is equipped with US Immigration and Customs.

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Terminal A East

Terminal A East used to be the international terminal. Nowadays moslty serves domestic flights operated by American (some international flights too), Aer Lingus and Frontier Airlines.

International services with US Preclearance are served in Terminal A East.

It consists of 11 boarding gates: From A2 to A13 (with the exception of A5).

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Terminals B and C

Both terminals are used by American Airlines and connected by a food court along with a shopping mall known as “Philadelphia Marketplace”.

- Terminal B has 15 boarding gates: From B1 to B16 (except B12).

- Terminal C has 15 boarding gates: From C18 to C31.

The biggest part of the airport for shopping or dining is located between Concourses B-C.

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Terminal D

It connects with Terminal E and also with the shopping area of Terminals B and C.

It is home for Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

It has 16 gates: From D1 to D16.

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Terminal E

It is home for JetBlue Airways, Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines (and also Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection ticketing).

It has 17 boarding gates: From E1 to E17.

It is connected to terminal D through the ticketing level.

Find here USO Lounge.

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Terminal F (Concourses 1, 2, 3)

It is used by American Eagle.

It has 38 boarding gates: From F1 to F39 with the exception of F8.

The boarding gates are distributed into 3 Concourses:

Concourse 1 (F1 to F9), Concourse 2 (F10 to F23) and Concourse 3 (F24 and F39).

American Eagle shuttle bus stop is located at F10.

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